Past Webinars

Winning My First WPT by Mike Sexton In this 4-hour and 52-minute webinar, Mike Sexton reviewed all of the major hands from his first WPT win in Montreal. $97
Advanced Deep Stacked Strategies Matt Affleck teaches you his advanced deep stacked tournament strategies in this 4-hour and 32-minute webinar. $97
Olivier Busquet's Advanced 6-Handed Play Olivier Busquet teaches you his advanced 6-handed play strategies by analyzing a full 6-handed GPL match that he won. $97
Scott Clements's Advanced Bubble Play Scott Clements teaches you his advanced bubble play strategies for all stack sizes. $97
Zach Elwood's Tuning Into Tells Zachary Elwood will teach you to tune into the behavior at the table that largely goes under the radar. $97
Neutralize Their Position Alex Fitzgerald teaches you why position is so important, why you need to flat more, checkraising theory, and donk leading theory. $97
Jared Tendler's Tilt Workshop Jared Tendler teaches you how to control and even eliminate the most common tilt issues that poker players struggle with today. $97
Hold'em with Holloway Chad Holloway teaches you 10 lessons he has learned straight from the pros from 6 years of in-the-trenches reporting for PokerNews. $97
Dr. Cardner's Unbeatable Mindset Dr. Cardner will teach you how to train your mind to manage your emotions, enhance decision making and maximize your edge/profits. $97
Information Dominance with Ed Miller In this webinar, Ed Miller teaches you how to control live no-limit cash games with superior information. $97
How to Think About Hand Ranges In this webinar, Jonathan Little teaches you how to think about hand ranges. He also reviews 25 hands to illustrate these concepts. $97

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